Getting Started

Download Java

Bosscript runs on the Java Virtual Machine, so Java is required to execute Bosscript code. If you do not already have Java on your machine, you can install it from the official Java website following the links bellow:

  1. Windows Offline:
  2. Windows Online:
  3. MAC OS X:
  4. Linux:

For more information, visit the installation site.

Download Bosscript

Bosscript is downloaded as a simple JAR file.

  1. Windows
  2. MAC OS
  3. Linux

Once installation is complete, to run Bosscript execute the command bosscript file.boss, where file.boss is the Bosscript file you want to run.

If you want to use Bosscript for the web, use bosscript file.boss destination.js to transpile your Bosscript code to JavaScript.

Syntax highlighting

If you are using Visual Studio Code, you can install the Bosscript Syntax highlighting extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

Your first Bosscript program

Open your editor of choice and create an empty project. Create a Bosscript file with any name, with the “.boss” extension. In this example we will use main.boss. Bosscript files don’t have an entry point, i.e a main() function. Instead, the whole contents of the file is interpreted in order. We will write a classic Hello World example below:

ispis("Hello, World!");

It’s that simple! Just one line of code. To learn more Bosscript concepts, keep reading the documentation. Good luck!